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Regular Wet Bag - Snoopy Bloom

Regular Wet Bag - Snoopy Bloom

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Use a Regular Wet Bag for everything you'd otherwise use a plastic bag for, except this one doesn't leak or smell!
Dirty clothes and shoes? Soiled nappy? Wet umbrella? Leaky drink bottle? Swimming lessons or a trip to the beach? Emergency spew bag on long drives? It will do it all! And the best bit is that it is completely machine-washable so just throw it in the machine when it's dirty! 


  • Constructed with dual-layer, premium, water-resistant PUL.
  • Two zippered compartments
    • Keep your dirty / clean items in one bag but separate with our handy double compartment!
  • Water-resistant and leakproof - perfect for containing smells!
    • Perfect for anything that would usually require a plastic bag!
  • Snap-off handles for convenient attachment to any handle.
    • Hang it in your laundry or off your pram, perhaps to store wet / clean wipes when you're out and about!
    • Tip: Did you know, you can snap two (or more!) regular wet bags together? Simply snap off the handles on both sides, snap together, and snap back the handles in a configuration that suits you! 
  • Two handles for even weight distribution.
  • Holds around 6 nappies, or 4 nappies and a change mat, extra inserts, wet and clean cloth wipes, leaky drink bottle, a change of clothes, wet umbrella - practically anything!
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 35cm (w) x 40cm (h)
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