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Classic Reusable Cloth Nappy - Peter Rabbit Spring

Classic Reusable Cloth Nappy - Peter Rabbit Spring

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The Classic nappy is a trim-fitting pocket cloth nappy that is a firm favourite with new and experienced cloth users alike!

The Classic Nappy is most similar to a disposable nappy, both in terms of fit and use! But instead of throwing it in the bin, you put it aside to wash and reuse! 
This nappy is a standard One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) and is estimated to fit children between 3 and 16kg.  


  • Classic nappy includes 1x 5-layer Bamboo and 1x 5-layer Hemp inserts for excellent absorbency* 
  • Snap/stuff/tuck as needed for your child's output; get extra inserts if necessary.
  • Stay-dry lining with Athletic Wicking Jersey keeps baby dry; 
  • Double-ended pocket openings for easy insert placement; 
  • Tummy elastic provides leak protection for tummy sleepers; 
  • Internal double gussets channel moisture into the core for absorption; and
  • PUL tummy and back flaps prevent moisture from sitting against baby's skin.


What is included: 

"Full Nappy":

  • 1x Pocket (PUL + Athletic Wicking Jersey) Nappy Shell; 
  • 1x 5-layer Hemp-Cotton Insert; and
  • 1x 5-layer Bamboo-Cotton Fleece Insert.

"Shell Only":

  • 1x Pocket (PUL + Athletic Wicking Jersey) Nappy Shell.
    • The Nappy Shell (on its own) doubles as a Swim Nappy!
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